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My About Me Page!
Just some general background about me, where I live, what I have done, and some general background about the content and purpose of this site. I also include some useful contact information.

Maze Main Screen!
I try adding new mazes all the time so be sure to check every now and then!
I am currently making my mazes more responsive so they can accomodate different screen sizes. I have made changes to Maze 01, Maze 02 and Maze 03 thus far!

Games Main Screen!
Currently I have one completed game, Guess Codes, based on the game Mastermind. I am working on single and double player versions of the classic Pong and hope to add more board games in the future!

Software And Software Blog!
Here I will post articles regarding various software issues that might be of interest to programmers in particular.
Art Main

My Art Main Screen!
This is where you can view my digital art work, and my photographs, mostly of nature. I may post blog articles from time to time also. Most of my work is available for sale, so feel free to ask questions!

Maze Game 01
Maze Game 02
Maze Game 03
Create A Maze!

Guess Codes
Ping Pong Doubles
Ping Pong Singles


New Work

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