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          My name is Philip Gennuso and you are visiting my website, hosted by Optimum, my Internet provider. This site is entirely designed and coded by me. You might say I am the chief cook and bottle washer! Occasionally I hope to post some useful tips regarding website building and design.

          This site includes diverse content, software, art, games, mazes, some blogging. I decided that rather than create separate sites and blogs for different areas of interest, I might put everything I wanted to do and develop, neatly organized, in one place.

          I hope you find this interesting and rewarding!
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          I have worked in a number of fields, retailing, sales, programming and IT in general (my major career area), as a book dealer, as an art dealer, an aspiring digital artist, you might say I have varied interests, that is for sure, and always like trying new activities! My academic background is in Literature and Computer Science. Currently I am mostly concentrating in software and digital art, and am looking forward to returning, professionally, to IT.

          I live in the beautiful village of Suffern, New York, right in the SouthWestern corner of Rockland County. It is a lovely little village, with a great library, interesting street fairs, a farmer's market, community churches, and just generally very nice people. I live in a townhouse in the village and served on the Board of Directors for a number of years, which was quite an interesting experience.

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          My complex was built back in the 1970's (I moved here around 2001), when land was still fairly inexpensive, and so I have a nice green courtyard looking out my front door, and a small wooded area looking out my patio door. The sun sets over the mountains through my rear door, so it is quite a beautiful landscape.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
Best regards, Phil Gennuso

BTW: If you want to contact me for any reason, including using any material on this site, please email: philgennuso@gmail.com or call 845-918-1198 (lv a message)

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